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Terms & Conditions

1. Definition

1.1 Visitor = any party accessing the PlanWeGo site or (part) of the information provided.
1.2 Information = data, information, special offers, documents, images, files, or any other content material found on the site.
1.3 PlanWeGo = PlanWeGo Travel Services, a online travel agency established in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
1.4 PlanWeGo Site = all pages, in whatever language, to which these Site Terms & Conditions apply and all pages, in whatever language, on which PlanWeGo refers to these Site Terms & Conditions.
1.5 Site Terms & Conditions = the terms and conditions as described below.

2. Applicability

These Terms and Conditions apply every time you log onto our web site. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions in full, then you must log out of our web site immediately.

PlanWeGo reserves the right to amend or change these [Site] Terms & Conditions unilaterally and without prior notice.

3. Ownership & Intellectual Property Rights

All material displayed on this site, including text, illustrations, images, graphics, (trade) name(s), logos, trademarks and service marks, are owned or licensed by PlanWeGo and are protected by copyright, trademark and/or other forms of intellectual property right. No form of intellectual or other property right will vest in legal entities or natural persons having access to the site. Users of our website are responsible for selection and use of the site content and do so entirely at their own risk. This website is intended for personal use and users of the site are not permitted to reproduce, transmit, distribute, alter or delete the content or make it available to third parties for a consideration without the express written consent of PlanWeGo.

4. Limitation of Liability

By accessing this website, users agree that PlanWeGo is not liable for any direct, indirect, or consequential loss or losses arising from the use of any of the information or material contained herein or from access to or use of any other material via links from this website. PlanWeGo is specifically not responsible for any claims, losses, or damages that may result from accessing third parties from this website such as hotels, travel agencies, and car rental companies, or from the purchase of any of the services they offer.

Prices quoted on this website are subject to change and may not be available to customers at the time their booking is completed. PlanWeGo does not guarantee the availability of any fare published in this site until a valid credit card number has been given, accepted, and confirmed, and an e-mail message sent to the buyer to document and reconfirm the purchase.

5. Equipment

The visitor shall be responsible for the purchase, use and maintenance of all computer hardware, telephone, fax and other equipment required to visit and make use of the PlanWeGo website.

6. Personal Information

While visiting the PlanWeGo website, the visitor’s personal data are collected and processed by PlanWeGo. PlanWeGo’s Privacy Policy provides details on the collection and processing of this personal data.

7. Governing Law & Disputes

These Terms & Conditions and any (other) agreement between the visitor and PlanWeGo shall be governed exclusively in accordance with the laws of the Netherlands.




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