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Hotel Paradise Palace, Foumban

Located at Koutaba (25 km from Foumban)

Hotel Paradise Palace is located in Koutaba, 25 km away from Foumban, in the Western Region of Cameroon. The historic city of Foumban is located 350 km from the political capital, Yaounde and 300 km from the economic capital, Douala. 

The climate is cool, with temperatures ranging between 25°c and 30°c.Touristic sites in the city include the palace of the King of the Bamouns, the art museum of the Bamouns, natural lakes, the village of the Bororos, mount Mbappi. Activities in the area include hunting, golf, water skiing, horse riding, and fishing. The center offers lessons in traditional dance and craft works. it also offers sports and gymnastics lessons.

The hotel has a restaurant, a bar, banquet hall, a large garden, and a playground for children. It features 4 suites, and 30 standard double bedrooms in boukarous. The rooms are ventilated and air-conditioned, with phones and TVs with international channels, and the bathrooms have hot water.

There is a butler and a qualified staff to put tourists at ease. Tourist guides can accompany visitors for sightseeing into the Bamoun villages.

Room prices are as follows:

  • Standard double room in boukarous = F.CFA 15,000 (€23.00) per night
  • Standard double bed = F.CFA 20,000 (€30.50) per night
  • Suites = F.CFA 30,000 ( €46.00) per night

Breakfast is served at F.CFA 4,000 (€6.00) while launch and diner cost F.CFA 6,000 (€9.15) respectively.

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Most recent booking for this hotel was on Wednesday, August 7, 2013, at 4:25 pm [EST] from Cameroon.



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