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Nguon Festival

The “Nguon” is a true display of the rich secular culture of the Bamoun people.

Nguon Festival is organized every two years by the Bamoun people of Foumbot and Foumban in the month of December. During this festival, members of the Bamoun community come together in order to discuss the development and achievements of the Bamoun Sultanate.

 A Cultural Extravaganza of 7 days

Every two years the Bamoun people celebrate their culture and tradition. During the 7 days Nguon festivities, each day is marked by several exciting activities such as traditional dances, ritual ceremonies, recreational evenings, conferences as well as a culinary dimension which gives tourists the opportunity to taste various delicious dishes of the Bamoum people. Traditional musicians and griots animate the Bamoum king’s palace throughout this period.

During Nguon the Bamoun people gather to express their ideas and grievances. The Nguon, a tradition more than 600 years of age, is also a time when the king connects and shares with his people; a time when the distinctions and hereditary privilege class ceases to exist.

Significance and Origin of Nguon

  • Nguon is the name given to a species of locust. The presence of a large number of Ngoun in the fields announced the harvest period of millet, maize, and other cereals.
  • Nguon is the celebration of harvest. During more than five centuries Nguon celebrations took place during the harvest period, which are usually in late July or early August. This tradition was adopted by Nchare, the founder of the Bamoum dynasty.
  • The Nguon is a celebration of the culture and tradition of the Bamoum people. The Bamoum have their traditional political institutions and their secret societies known as the nguri and mbansie.

The nguri is strictly reserved for the king’s sons and daughters, while the mbansie is open to the Bamoum public during different occasions, especially during  war the king’s death, the death of the queen, the king’s maternal uncles as well as the death of a Nkon or Momafon.

According to His Majesty Sultan Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya the Nguon is the “cultural identity of the Bamoum”. This festival of harvest and come-together of all the Bamoums plays an increasingly important role for the socio-political or economic survival of the people.



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