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Far North Region

Tourist Guide for the Far North Region of Cameroon

Region, people, climate, history, food, accommodation, transport: information on every aspect of your travel in this region will put you in the mood for your holiday!

The Far North Region is the nation’s primary tourist attraction.

Maroua is the regional capital of the Far North Region. The city of Maroua offers a large crafts market, and museums. The villages of Rhumsiki, Koza and Kapsiki contain hills which are all the end product of the handy work of nature.

National parks in this region include:

1. Waza National Park

Founded in 1968, it covers a surface area of ​​170,000 hectares. It is the most famous park in Cameroon and the largest and best-run national park in West Africa as well as Africa’s number 3 after the Kruger and Ngorongoro national parks. It is located at approximately 120 km from Maroua town and 135 km from the town of Kousseri. It features lions, elephants, hyenas, hartebeest, roan, Buffon’s kob, waterbuck, reeds, gazelles, giraffes, and a large colony of birds: geese, egrets, ostriches, herons, pelicans, jabirus, ibis, etc..

2. Kalamaloue National Park

This park covers a surface area of ​​4,500 hectares. It was established in 1972. It offers visitors the opportunity to view elephants and the rich bird life of Cameroon. Here, animals are habituated to human presence and are easily photographed.

3. Mozoko Gokoro National Park

Established in 1968, the park covers an area of 1,400 hectares. It is a unique example in Cameroon Sahelian park. It also has a botanical interest. Apart from the fact that it has the same wildlife population as Waza, it is a sanctuary for gorillas.


Below is a list of accommodation in various locations in the Far North Region.




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