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Security & Safety

Safety for Photographers

Photographers beware that the photographing of government or military buildings, as well as buildings of strategic importance (bridges, ports, airports, etc.) is strictly forbidden. This may lead to your camera and other equipment being confiscated. If you are taking photos for a professional purpose, obtain permits before or upon entering the country.

Safety for Night Travellers

Avoiding night journeys in big cities equals avoiding accidents, thieves and pick pockets!

Thieves tend to hang around railway stations, bus stations and taxi ranks after dark. You will generally be safe inside the stations but beware when you leave without being accompanied by a local. To avoid this problem only travel in daylight. If you are traveling by night bus to arrive early in the morning, stay inside the bus station when you arrive until daylight appears.This problem is recurrent in big cities (Douala, Yaounde, Bafoussam, Bamenda).

Health safety

It is advisable to ensure that your yellow fever vaccination certificate is up-to-date and valid before traveling to, via or from any countries prone to yellow fever infections.

Yellow Fever Map
Cameroon is located in the Yellow Fever endemic zone.

Yellow fever vaccinations are required for all travelers over 1 year of age. It is highly recommended for travelers entering Cameroon to get a yellow fever vaccination due to risk of transmission.

It is also important for travelers to get vaccinated at any of the WHO designated yellow fever vaccinating centres to avoid running into problems over "fake" yellow fever certificates. Sometimes, a naive traveler might decide to take a vaccine at their local hospital, while the vaccine might be valid, the centre and certificate are probably not recognized and designated by WHO and some immigration officials will not recognize such yellow fever certificates and many of them may not bear a stamp in such cases.

Click here to read about what a "fake" yellow fever vaccination document can do to you.

Scams & Pick-pocketing

Cameroon has a bad reputation for petty crime. Pick-pocketing is common in the cities, as well as various distractions. Serious crime is not a problem, but do not leave your belongings unattended; keep your wallet safe, especially in the central market areas.

All kinds of scams may come your way, from persons offering you a service, to those pretending to know you from somewhere.

City Thieves Pose As Bike Riders

Most commercial bike riders in Yaounde and elsewhere are not what they claim to be. There is an increasing number of theft cases with several victims, mostly women, whose handbags are dragged from their hand by men on motorbikes who ride off at very high speed to unknown destinations. Such is the recurrent situation particularly at the Biyem-Assi and Tam-Tam Weekend neighborhoods in Yaounde where many people, mostly students have been seen frustrated and left confused along the road as they yell and helplessly run behind guys on motorbikes after the latter seized their belongings as they stood along the road waiting for a cab.




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